Discover one of the most undisturbed tarpon fisheries in the world


Pesca Maya is now offering guided Fly and Light Tackle Tarpon fishing day trips to San Felipe, Yucatan. Located approximately 2.5 hours northwest of Cancun, San Felipe is a quaint, friendly fishing village at the top of the Yucatan Peninsula where the Rio Lagartos meets the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. San Felipe is a little known and unspoiled area in the Rio Lagartos National Park. Local Tarpon range from 5 to 50 pounds and produce spectacular aerobatics when hooked.


In addition to possessing the world's largest pink flamingo nesting grounds, harboring a healthy population of salt water crocodiles and offering sanctuary to 350 of bird species, these fertile waters play home to one of the most undisturbed tarpon fisheries in the world. It is the fantastic tarpon fishing, harboring vast schools of those beautiful silver kings that keep you fishing all day.


You will target schools of tarpon that have not grown wary of flies. These fish are not spooked as they are in most shallow water locations. You will encounter numerous schools rolling very close to the boat. Fly anglers do not need to be skilled casters to catch the tarpon at this destination while fishing in the open bay.  Besides you will have the opportunity to fish mangrove lined shorelines, small lagoons, rivers and creeks, that will challenge the experienced angler's casting ability.  At San Felipe, you will fish out of 18' fiberglass skiffs with Yamaha 40hp with our very experienced local guide. For the most part an 8 wt outfit will be perfect on all but the windiest days.


Pesca Maya day trips to San Felipe

You will be picked up at your hotel early in the morning by our Pesca Maya driver for your transfer to San Felipe. From Cancun the journey takes about 2.5 hours. Arriving you will get a small breakfast and meet your guide, who will discuss with you the details of your day. After fishing the driver will return you back to your hotel.



Included in the trip:

* Hotel Pick Up and Return (Cancun and Rivier Maya)
* Your Guide
* Fishing rods and reels (fly fishing and spinning tackle)
* Soft Drinks & Water
* Box Lunch

Terminal tackle is not included (leaders, flies, jigs, lures)
but available for sale


RATE: US 540.00

1-2 anglers / including transportation

Pick up for transportation is at

04:30 AM in Cancun
03:30 AM in Playa del Carmen

We will drop you back at your hotel around 07:00 - 08:00 PM




We recommended the following tackle:

For Baby Tarpon:

■ Rods # 8 or # 9 weight Salt water flyfishing reel with at least 100 meters of backing.
■ WF floating Lines.
■ 9 feet leaders.
■ Class tippet from 16 to 20 pounds and Shock tippet section from 40 to 60 pounds.
■ 1/0 or 2/0 flies, size no longer than 2,5 inches

For Giant Tarpon:

■ Rods #11, # 12 weight or bigger Salt water flyfishing reel with at least 300 meters of backing.
■ WF lines with sinking tips or full sinking lines from 400 to 500 grains.
■ 9 feet leaders (see note below).
■ Class tippet from 16 to 30 pounds and Shock tippet section from 80 to 100 pounds.
■ 6/0  flies

Note: IGFA rules do not allow leaders with "class tippet" section greater than 20 pounds but if you really wish to capture a giant tarpon, do not doubt to use leaders with a greater resistance. It is not recommended to use class tippet section greater than 30 pounds of resistance.

The flies with better results are:

■ Black Death
■ Purple Death and
■ the traditional Cockcroach

Do not forget to bring with you the following items:

■ polarized sunglases
■ Cap or hat
■ Sun block
■ Bug Repelent
■ Additional flylines
■ Sufficient leaders