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Cudas Gone Crazy


Cudas Gone Crazy Catch and Eat: The Chronicles of Gringo Den

barracuda closeNo matter how much I love to experience the succession of seasons in our temperate climate, long about March, I develop a hankering to get out of the snowbelt. I know I am not alone in these sentiments. Fortunately, my wife and I are able to head south for a month each winter—way south, as in a bit over an hour south of Cancun. It is no surprise that we run into hordes of like-minded folks from Canada, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Here, in a Caribbean paradise, thoughts never stray too far from fishing...


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Explore the beauty of Sian Ka'an

delfines tour sian kaan

Our Wild Dolphin Tour is an excellent way to explore the natural wonders of the Sian Kaan biosphere ... Meet those spectacular creatures up close in their natural environment and create an experience of a lifetime for your family!


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in quest of one fish and one fish only

permit fishing ascension bay carl slavinPesca Maya, the name alone has romantic overtures, many couples come to fish and maybe frolic too.  In my case the romance was all about the search for the elusive "Permit", the guides call them "Palometa" fly fishers name them the "Diablo" of the flats mostly because one has a devil of a time trying to catch a big one anywhere in the worlds ocean.  Many fly fishers have invested thousand and thousands of minutes and mucho money only to go away empty handed again and again. This year I thought I would celebrate my 69th year with a personal gift to travel to the famous Pesca Maya lodge in quest of one fish and one fish only.  Five nights top class accommodation and four days on the water with only one thought in mind.  A big permit on a fly !


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New Pesca Maya Video from the flats

wow guys, this is soooo cool! some real good crazy stuff!

barracuda clay williams

click on the image to play the video

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McLellan's hosted trips to Pesca Maya

big tarpon on fly ascension bay

For the last several years, McLellan's Fly Shop has hosted a saltwater flats trip to Pesca Maya—one of our favorite saltwater destinations.

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula along the northern edge of Ascension Bay, Pesca Maya is roughly two-and-a-half hours south of Cancun, at the end of a dirt road through the dense jungle of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

.... see report


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Anglers from Sweden

bonefish Ascension Bay


Back in Sweden ...

Thanks for a nice time at Pesca Maya, even though we had to make it a bit shorter. You have a beautiful place, the staff was nice and service good...


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How to flyfish

phoca_thumb_l_looking for bonefishEver wonder how to fly fish?

Fly fishing is considered a sport or a hobby by some, and an art form by others. Call it what you want, fly fishing is a pleasurable pastime built on the camaraderie of the anglers themselves, the oceans, lakes and rivers they fish, and the beautiful fish they pursue.

My Best Fishing Trip Ever Slideshow: Pesca’s trip



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Mayan Permit - Flyfisherman Magazine at Pesca Maya

Wading the expansive flats of the Yucatan’s Ascension Bay

Photo Ross Purnell


The Mayan civilization that ruled the Yucatan Peninsula from 250 AD until the arrival of the Spanish possessed a sophisticated knowledge of the solar system, and a highly advanced calendar that mysteriously ended in 2012. Some scholars and Hollywood executives interpret this as a prediction of the end of the world. I take it instead as a timeline for getting my first big permit—something, say, over 25 pounds?

If the world is going to end soon, it’s past time to start completing the fly-­fishing bucket list. At the top of that list for many fly fishers is “catch a permit” or if you’ve already done that, “catch a bigger permit.”


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Permit Required!

carlos cortez permit 4


Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula -- The Yucatan Peninsula is undoubtedly one of the best permit destinations worldwide. The fish population is probably second to none. The expansive flats from Boca Paila to Ascension Bay hold tremendous numbers of permit, and it is not uncommon to see dozens of them in a single day's angling



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John Parsons Report 2011

phoca_thumb_l_pesca maya bonefish christoph


Last year in May – Yury and I visited Pesca Maya: A very special fishing lodge near Punta Allen in southern Mexico. Then it was, for both of us, the first time trying to catch bonefish on fly.  And what a trip it was! That first day we shared in a haul of over 70 juvenile “bones” and caught plenty of fish every day of our trip. In February of this year we went back for more.


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Great Deals for Summertime

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great trip in January 2011

laurent pancho permit



great trip to Pesca Maya in January ... very sad not to be fishing anymore ...



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great trip in March


christoph and big jack

Thanks to Christoph Seidel for sending in these beautiful pictures from last years trips to Pesca Maya Lodge in March and June.  Great impressions of the flats and the wildlife above and beneath the water's surface! We are happy to share these amazing pictures with everybody and present some great catches!


To see his pictures please visit our GALLERY

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Travel security in Mexico

International tourism to Mexico increasing

In a surprising turnabout, international tourism to Mexico showed a sharp increase this summer — a sign that tourists may be putting aside worries about the economy and fears of drug-related violence, analysts say.

Foreign visitors arriving by air to Mexico jumped to 7.1 million in the first eight months of the year — up nearly 20% from the same period in 2009 — with most visitors coming from the U.S. and Canada, according to Mexican tourism officials.


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John Parsons Fishing Report

ascension bay flats fishing

... Yury was addicted and didn’t stop until he had bought 50 bonefish to hand. I had around half that number although could have had more if I’d fished longer and wanted to. I am glad Yury did so well because unfortunately for the last 2 days Yury had to go back to Cancun while I was left alone to try any kind of fishing I fancied with 2 guides to myself!


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Mark & Sharon Lance's trip in October

mark sharon lance fishing ascension bay



A big THANK YOU to Mark and Sharon Lance for sharing their amazing pictures from their recent week's trip to Pesca Maya, they fished for bonefish, permit and tarpon. Maya


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Grand Slam in October

permit fishing ascension bay



Thanks again for the wonderful stay at Pesca Maya!
We thought the service and food at the lodge was outstanding...


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Hola Pesca Maya:

Solo escribo para agradecer por el día de pesca con Uds. A pesar de que la pesca fue un poco dificil por las condiciones climáticas ...

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permit fishing ascension bay


Tye and I had a wonderful time at the lodge this year.  The August weather was hot and the action was even hotter!  We thought the fishing was amazing when we visited in 2008, but this year was even more outstanding...

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